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Cowboys, it has been said, are more poetic than folks in any other occupation (except maybe poets).  Whether they are or not, cowboy poetry is more noticable than any other occupational type. How much lawyer poetry have you run across? Heard any plumber poems lately? But cowpoke poetry's all over the place.

To explain the phenomenon further, we call on that raconteur, bon vivant, and CowBoy Poet – Fred Engel.

  The Lone Prairie Poetry Page 
invites CowBoy poets to add their works to the distinguished  and semi-distinguished band of bards already published here. All entries are judged on neatness and appropriateness. Decision of the  judges is final, and there is absolutely no prize nor compensation whatsoever. Rewards are limited to our heartfelt thanks  and whatever fame and glory comes along.
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fred.jpg - 2.5 KWHY COWBOY POETRY?
By Fred Engel
Now cowboy poetry has been around
For a heck of a long time.
It's just common everyday stuff,
Stories that cowboys have put to rhyme.
It sort o' got lost in the shuffle
Back there for a while.
But since the gatherings, like the ones started in Elko,
It's become what some call a new popular style.
New? Not at all. Popular? Yes.
And style? Well, you bet!
But how is it that "cowboy" poetry
Has come to be all of this?
No one's ever heard of "plumber"poetry,
Or about carpenters who recitein verse.
And there's no such thing as"lawyer" poetry.
Thank God! What could be worse!
Now teachers, doctors, and merchants,
Sure, they're all a talented bunch.
And then there's those folks who report the news at noon,
When we're all eatin' lunch.
There's folks who work with computers,
Punchin' buttons, instead of cows, `til their heart's content.
And there's the weather guessers, also known as meterologists,
Who are always pitchin' in their two cents.
But it'sthe cowboy, the cowpoke,
The vaquero, the old buckaroo,
Who tells us about the ride down life's trail
Musing from the down to earth point of view.
Because along with his rough and tumble life style
And ways of the old wild west,
There's just a certain degree of romance
That sorts us out from all of the rest!

© 1998 Fred Engel. All rights reserved.

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